Our Picks for the Ultimate Sleep Experience

Sweet dreams are made of these: our first sleep collection has finally arrived. We are excited for you to experience these products that we have tried, trust, and curated just for you for the ultimate sleep experience. 


Set the mood with relaxing lavender and citrus balanced with striking amber and sandalwood enveloping your room. When you light the Sensual Candle – Shai Candle, you ignite balance, relaxation, gratitude, and ritual. They are luxurious candles, created with coconut wax, essential oils, and premium scents. Handle your candle softly with a Sensual Candle – Wooden Wick Trimmer. Trimmers are underrated and help maintain your candle while avoiding debris, wax or ash falling while also reducing soot or smoke from the wick.


Sip the day away with Vana Tisanes herbal, organic sleep tea. With floral flavours of gentle chamomile and hops, the warm drink encourages deep and restful sleep. The tea contains natural, mild sedatives that strive to slow down your central nervous system, softly quieting the mind, body, and heart. Every sip encourages you to reflect on your day as you slip into gentle dreams.


Enhance your sleep by applying 8 Sheep organic Magnesium Lotion. Packed in this soft cream is only six, natural ingredients that reduce anxiety and boost relaxation by slowing the nervous system. Gently rub a little onto your feet, calves or/and shoulders and soon your blood pressure and heart rate will lower and lead you to deep, REM sleep. It prevents restless/cramping legs while reducing pain and moisturizing your skin. While fantastic for pregnant women, it is safe and recommended for everyone.


Everyone should have a trusted pillow spray. Enter: Maapilim: Pillow Spray. Composed of bergamot and complemented with cedar and vetiver, you need only one squirt directly onto the back of your tender  pillow. The scent provokes relaxation, calmness, and ease, gently enticing you into a peaceful sleep.


Cuddle up with a Gravity Weighted Blanket. Proven to increase sleep quality by over 70%, it works to ease stress and anxiety, welcoming sleep hormone’s serotonin, and melatonin. The fabric is made of deluxe, hypoallergenic, breathable materials that work to cool you down, rather than overwhelm you. The way it is designed ensures equal distribution of weight throughout the blanket, ensuring comfort for the duration of your sleep.


Designed by sleep experts, the Hatch Restore does it all. It's an incredible sleep tool that you can personalize to your individual needs.  The Hatch Restore works with an app on your smartphone working as a smart light, sound machine, sunrise alarm, meditation guide, and alarm clock. Set the perfect reading light, put on the red light to signal it is time to rest, wind down to a thoughtful meditation, cue the perfect white noise, and wake up naturally with the sunrise function.


By the light of your Hatch Restore, incorporate life-changing gratitude practice with Intelligent Change’s Five-Minute Journal. With six months’ worth of daily prompts, the journal leads you to change your perspective with profound prompts, deep discussions, and revolutionary reflections. Mindfulness will help your mood, elevate your relationships, and offer a rich routine.


When it’s finally time to close your eyes to the day, don’t forget to put on your Weighted Eye Mask from Gravity. Perfected by science, the face mask creates the ideal pressure of 0.75 – 1b on your eyes to expel any light and feels luxurious, soft, and kind to your eyes with a combination of micro-plush and imitation cashmere. The deep yet gentle pressure pushes away stress as you ease into a wonderful sleep.


Sleep is imperative for functioning as our best selves. Revel in our top 9 products that promote deep, luxurious sleep, night after night.