Balancing Work, Social Media and Wellness with Melissa Konstantas

We're diving into the world of social media and wellness. How do the two relate, and how do we find ways to disconnect when it may be that our literal jobs are to be connected? Let's find out from social media manager, Melissa Konstantas.

social media manager

Tell us a little bit about yourself. How did you end up in social media marketing, and how does that play a role in your wellness?

My name is Melissa and I am a social media/influencer marketing manager. My life heavily revolves around the social media industry. I work for an influencer marketing agency full-time, I have a social media agency on the side and have my own social media account for fun. Spending so much time on social media, and not necessarily being able to "disconnect" for extended periods of time or really any time at all, it can get to be mentally and emotionally draining. 

I think a lot of our readers will be able to relate. Was there a moment in time where you knew you needed to make a change?

I got to a point where I was letting social media consume me, rather than consuming it. I was spending so much time online and comparing every aspect of my life to people online. My relationships, my career, my friends, what I was doing in my spare time, my workout routines, what I was eating. I felt like there was always more I could be doing, or someone doing it better than me. It became exhausting and I was really down on myself. That's when I knew I needed to make a shift. 
Given my career revolves around social media, I knew deleting it wasn't necessarily going to work for me. I had to really shift my mindset, and do some internal work. It wasn't an overnight thing, and I am still figuring out how to create balance in my life. I had to come to the realization, I'm not in control of what others post on social media but I am in control of what I consume. As a result of this, I decided to start a new Instagram page. This gave me a clean slate, I was able to follow only accounts that served me or added value to my life. Accounts I felt to be toxic or draining were no longer appearing on my feed. My Instagram brought me so much more joy this way, I was able to post and not care what others thought while also meeting a community of like minded individuals who support one another. 
I have also become very aware of the time I spend on social media. I try to avoid mindlessly scrolling, and really try to have an intention behind why I'm online. We often use it as an escape, and when we're bored it's an easy fix for our boredom, so I'm trying to get away from this habit. 

Totally. What's one tip for younger women to stop themselves from mindlessly scrolling?

Still trying to get better at this myself! Such a hard habit to break, but so worth it once you're able to. I try to replace scrolling before bed with reading before bed. When I find a book I'm really into I look forward to getting into bed to read and I don't even think about reaching for my phone. I also set my phone to go into sleep mode at 9:00. This way, I am not tempted by notifications and I can go through my nighttime routine without any distractions.
I also try to focus on the benefits of not scrolling before bed. The quality of sleep I get when I'm not falling asleep with a screen in front of my face, is alone enough of a reason to break the habit! 

Since so much of your life is shared on social media, through your work, and generally just being a woman in your 20s, how do you feel about sharing so much of your life with the world?

I think more recently there has been a lot more realness exposed on social media, at least from what I can see, and it's super refreshing. No one is "that girl", and even if you are, there is nothing wrong with being her but it's important to remind yourself she also has bad days and falls off her routine now and then. 
No one is perfect, Instagram is very much a highlight reel. 

That is a good reminder. Is there one person that inspires you the most?

My mom. She's just the best. The most hardworking kick ass woman I know. I definitely get my drive and motivation from her. She inspires me to always keep going. She has very no f***s given mentality. She doesn't care what people think and lives her life how she wants to live it.  

What's the vision for yourself on this journey - a goal you have, or something you want to achieve? 

The social media world is constantly evolving and I am excited to continue to evolve with it and this also applies to my relationship with social media. I want to continue to find a balance between being online and offline and prioritizing my mental health and well-being.  I love this online wellness community and I have learned so much as a result of it. Over all goals - keep learning, keep growing, keep meeting new people. 

And since everyone loves to know, do you have a routine that you swear by?

Yes! My morning routine is my everything. 
7:00 - 8:00 Wake Up + Workout 
8:00 - 8:30 Shower + Get ready for my day 
8:30 - 9:30 Lemon Water, Meditate and Read 
9:30 - 9:45 Organize to do's for the day 
9:45 Check social media, emails - This is the most crucial part of my routine. I don't check my phone till after my morning routine is complete. 

Is there a podcast / favorite book / favorite show you recommend?

Currently Listening: In House w/ Arielle Charnas  
Currently Reading: Atomic Habits by James Clear 
Currently Watching: The Real Housewives of Miami (reality tv is my guilty pleasure) 

And finally, where can people find you?

Sundae Morning Social on IG and Pinterest: @sundaemorningsocial 
Personal IG Page: @thefridayedit_