Pregnancy and Wellness with Katie Dickens

In today's interview, we ask Katie how she got into wellness and stuck with it through her pregnancy. 

pregnancy and health

Tell us a little bit about yourself. How did you end up in fitness and wellness community?

I have always been an active person. After college I started to really enjoy working out. My main focus was actually to gain weight. I’ve always been considered “a stick” so I wanted to add on some muscle. I started to love how it made me feel being in the gym — music on, zoned out, pushing my body. Fast forward to when Covid first hit in 2020, I was newly married and new to LA. We were living in a small 1-bedroom, and the world shut down. Quickly, my motivation to move my body and eat healthy went out the window, and for 6 months I spiraled down a hole of no motivation and no care to fuel my body. Well, for the first time in my life, I started gaining weight and feeling physically uncomfortable. This is where I stopped and was at a crossroads — do I continue down this unhealthy path or do I change my mindset to wake up every morning to fuel and move my body? That is when I started my Instagram page. I wanted to put all my motivation somewhere, and I was on fire! How I viewed working out and healthy food was different — it was all about feeling good, having energy and wanting to be better mentally and physically. 

Many of our readers may want to start sharing their own stories, but aren't sure how to start. How has posting on Instagram helped your fitness journey? Do you see any "bad" to posting?

I absolutely loved creating this Instagram page for two reasons. First, I want to inspire and help anyone else who wants to enter the fitness/wellness community. Taking your health and fitness seriously takes waking up every morning and choosing yourself, which can be hard. I try to add tips and tricks to help anyone making a new routine seamless and exciting! I am on this journey just like anyone else, and I hope that makes following me relatable! Two, every time I post, my followers are like my external motivators that keep me going. The more I post, the more I want to show you guys that I am consistent even when some days I don’t feel like it. Any little progress is progress and I love the fitness/wellness online community. 
The only way I would see posting “bad” is if you are posting things that aren’t truly you. Be authentic. Post what you actual do, so that followers can see you are being your authentic self! 

So you've put yourself out there on social media to inspire yourself and others. How do you feel about sharing your personal story with the world? Is it scary, exciting?

I am so passionate about sharing my love my fitness because it’s not just about the body. It’s about the mind. In order to move your body, your mind needs to be in a good place, so instead of making unrealistic goals you never reach, set small goals, reach them, motivate yourself, and keep going! 

Is there one person that inspires you the most?

In general, the fitness community on Instagram is a great place to find motivation and people that inspire you! It is a slippery slope because you are not those people, you are your own person. Take motivation from others, but at the same time, focus on YOUR journey! 

What's the vision for yourself on this journey - a goal you have, or something you want to achieve? 

Eight months ago I became pregnant, and it shook my world because I ended up having to pause moving my body to let this sweet girl grow inside of me. It was not the plan, BUT my goal I have is for post-baby. I want to have this baby in a month or two and then explode back into my fitness journey. We all have bumps in the road that may pause our path, and as much as I wish I could have worked out this whole pregnancy, I am so excited for my comeback! 

It's so inspiring to see you move every day and that too being near time to have your child! How does being pregnant affect your fitness journey, if at all, and what would you say to those that maybe aren't feeling morning sick, but are not feeling motivated to get in movement that day?

My fitness journey while being pregnant has been  nothing what I thought it was going to be, but having a positive mindset has saved me during this season. I thought I would be lifting weights throughout my entire pregnancy, but instead my main movement has been stretching and walking. I could get down on myself and look back at my fitness journey before I was pregnant with how strong I was, but I had to focus on what is in front of me, not behind. I am thankful I am able to move at all! It’s all in your mindset. Since I am not able to move as much as I wanted, fueling my body and drinking water has been a high priority because that is something I can control. Everything you are putting in your body fuels the baby, and that is what keeps me focused. I also know that I am not pregnant forever and I cannot wait to set personal goals after this baby to get me back to my old routine! 

Do you have a routine that you swear by?

Morning routines are crucial. They set the tone for the day and get you in the best mindset. For me, I created a simple 10-5-10 method that I use daily. I set a timer for 10 minutes to meditate, 5 minutes to journal and 10 minutes to get fresh air (a quick walk around my neighborhood). This sets my tone for the day! Try it out.

Is there a podcast / favorite book / favorite show you recommend?

I love books about the mind so I recommend: Anything by Malcolm Gladwell, Mindset by Carol Dweck, and Essentialism by Greg McKeown.

Finally, where can people find you?

IG: @fitbykatiedickens