Practicing Intention with Each Decision


 Are you familiar with minimalism? The idea of finding inner freedom through consciously deciding what to have around us has been a hot topic the last few years. We know about minimalism in fashion and home decor, but what about taking that notion into our everyday life?  Everyday decisions entrenched in minimalism are known as intentions. 

To live with intention is to live with purpose, be fully present, and to turn off that monotonous, autopilot feeling. Intentional living invites us to connect with our deep-rooted, fundamental beliefs and values by actively committing to them each day. Making intentional decisions invites us to slow down, listen to our truths, and be mindful in responses and actions.

Why practice intentional living?

The world demands so much from us – especially as women! – some days it feels like our attention is being pulled in every direction. By deciding to live intentionally, it’s a radical act of self-care. It's developing something simply for yourself. These small yet triumphant acts will have a significant impact on your overall joy. You'll find your outlook is increasingly positive and your relationships are happier and healthier. Practicing intentional living can bring serene inner peace, help us to focus on what we can control, and better manage our emotions in a complicated world.

By focusing on the impact through moments, choices, and decisions will keep you feeling grounded. It offers a shift in power by taking life into your own hands, which ultimately, allows you to perpetually grow and expand as an individual.

How to live intentionally

The significance lies behind small, consistent actions or habits that you hold steadfast to.

Establish your fundamental beliefs: Determine your “why.” Spend time alone mindfully meditating, journaling, or reflecting on what your core values and beliefs are. This will allow you to understand what you wish to prioritize in establishing your dream routine. This will be different for everyone. Reflect on actions such as, what am I most passionate about? What do I value in my close friendships? What moments do I feel joy?

Hold yourself accountable: Once you’ve established your values, create small steps towards achieving this. This can look like daily self-reflection or asking yourself, "how does it align with my values?", write in your journal or speak to someone you trust. Motivation can be fleeting, so this is a real commitment to yourself and establishing your priorities.

Growth Mindset: Intentional living is individual and will look different for all. Try your best to push comparison to others aside. Instead, focus on yourself, your incredible growth, as you challenge yourself and put yourself first. Challenge yourself to new goals, set strong boundaries, adjust accordingly towards joy, and always continue to evaluate and question your decisions.

There is no finish line with living intentionally. Rather, it's a lifelong promise to a happier, more mindful life. At the start of the article, I asked you to consider minimalism, the concept that less is more. As you embark on your journey of intentional living, I invite you to interpret this accordingly. Less is more – as it allows for increased room, time, and energy to commit to more moments, people and events that truly matter.